How to start a dating app business using tinder clone script?

So you have an idea to make some passive income or a real fortune in the long term from the evergreen online dating business, but you are looking around the internet to find a perfect dating script and not able to find something which works perfectly without any daily maintenance. Do not worry you are not alone, but thousands of people on the Internet are searching for a perfect dating app clone script. So lets see how we are helping few of them to make it happen.

So why online dating? Answer to it is simple. People use Internet for two reasons. Either to get paid or to get laid. That’s the reason there are so many dating apps and still there are many more new coming out every day. For example there is this app called hinge which let people match with each other based on their mutual friends in facebook. Its something new and they were the first to do that and now they are valued more than $100M and the fastest growing dating app in the US. (check how to make a hinge like app)

Like hinge there is another app started by 3 sisters who said NO to mark Cuban when he asked to invest in the company. Their app Coffee meets bagel is one of the most talked dating app in the US. Read more about Coffee meets bagel and how to make one here. Then there are apps that are different from traditional dating apps, like Grindr which was arguably the first app that let the same sex people an opportunity to find each other. And since then it has grown to become the number 3 overall dating app in the world. Check more about Grindr app and how to make one right now.

So as you see people are coming up with new ideas in the dating space and making apps, which has a different audience to target. But its not that everybody is just coming up with a new innovative idea. There are even more successful apps, which are made by people out of college or working professional. There are apps like bumble, which is copy of Tinder, there is Down app which is copy of hinge. And both are successful and have millions of users on board. So all you need is a point to start. Lets imagine I am like you who is searching for the same. So what are my questions !

How do I make a dating app, I do not know programming ?

Well Rabah Mehtaf from paris had the same question when he pinged me in skype. When I showed him the demo of the clone script of Tinder that we have and explained what all things needed to do to get it up and running on store, he was surprised that he could not believe it. Like Rabah there are many more of us who do not know coding. Even if I buy a dating clone script software from the internet its so hard for me to set it up in a server and go through all the hassles of Apple and Google store upload and approval. So keeping this in mind we made the Flinge script simple to set up with easy to understand tutorials. We made the reskining process of Tinder clone script so easy that anybody would find it easy. Check out what it takes to get the app to make it live on appstore and playstore here.

So what about getting the app developed from scratch?

Okay so that’s choice obviously. But lets see what is the effort involved in doing that. So if you want to develop a custom app, then your first choice will be to hire a team from the Internet. For this you will go to the freelancer portals like freelancer.com or uwork.com or something similar. You have to put your project description there and what you want to do. Though it’s an issue of privacy to your idea but it does not matter that much. Because ideas are merely 5% of the journey and rest depends upon the execution. Unless you have an idea like the founders of Hotmail had to create an email service back in the early nineties, you should not worry much about your idea getting stolen in the public. So as you put the project on one of these website for freelancer to bid, you will be flooded with proposals. These can be from very cheap to something very high. And you have to sit down and analyze each of them to see who has experience in developing similar kind of applications. But to our observations, we found that most of the time the top freelances that bid on your project would not have experience in building dating apps though they would be very good in general and would have build some other good apps. And not to mention, their prices will be very high and most of them will charge you hourly and not on a fixed cost. And the most important thing is that they will take more time to develop the app, because they have to do it from the scratch. And you will loose some 3 months time to just make one app out. If you are ready for doing that then you can think of that path. But let me tell you what you will gain if you work with us.

We have been building dating apps since 2013 and same way that these top freelancers build today. After we had so much experience in building various dating apps and websites, on a fine day we just pulled out components from other dating apps that we worked and built a generic dating app in ios and android. Then over the past 3 years we kept on improving it as people suggested when they bought the clone script from us. So our tinder clone script is the most updated app you would find in the market. It has solved all the used cases that you would not generally come across in few months. It comes from years of building of the product and solving bugs.

How do I know that the script is good?

That’s a very good question considering now every Tom Dick and Harry is selling a clone of Tinder app and some other app. Well I would suggest you to first take a look at the Apple appstore and the google appstore demos. The apps are made considering scalability as the priority and easy to maintain and put on autopilot once you launch it in the store. Check out some of the details of the technical aspects of the app what makes it so powerful and unique in the market of dating app clone scripts. Just to highlight one, we are using powerfull XMPP framework for real time chat, it’s the same protocol used by whatsapp. Which serves billions of messages per day. So you are in a good company.

Okay so I found the script, now I want to add a little twist to the original Tinder app ?

Whether you want to add a twist to the Tinder app or you want to create an app like plenty of fish or hitch or okcupid, our script is powerful and flexible enough to let you add features. All you have to do it write about it and we will even give you modifications or refinements if any to make your idea on paper to come live. We will tell you the cost and time required and lets get started.

Okay what about the support?

Well we are here for the support. Whether there is free or paid support with very minimal fees, we are here with you when your app gets a high traffic or you want some small changes.

So I made my app live on the stores, now how do I make money?

Well you are not alone. Almost 85% of people around the world ask us the same question. Because we have seen so many app successes in this dating world, we are the right person to help you find a money-making ideas on the Tinder clone script app. There are many ways of monetizing your app. The basics start with putting ads in the app. Well you can always ask people to pay few cents to remove the ads permanently. Then there are like profile highlighter, tie up with 3rd part content advertisers, affiliate marketing and many more. Read the details on how to make money from dating apps using our Tinder clone script here.

Extra Bonus:-

How to market the dating app with almost $0 ?

There is lot of ways to market the app without spending a penny. Actually that’s what these big dating apps did when they started out.

The fist thing is to choose the right keywords for the app name and app description. For example your app may be called XYZ dating but you should consider naming it like “XYZ dating –find real singles near you” will add these extra keywords to your title which will help you to be discovered in the appstore. Also put a nice description in the appstore about your app. Tell people why they should consider downloading this app. A secret is to just copy the other entire top dating apps descriptions into a notepad and read though it and form your own words.  A good 200 words description will be loved by goolge and it will come up higher in search results.

Second thing is to go social. Create an account in the top social networks like facebook, twitter, pintrest, linkedin and not to ignore Instagram. Create a facebook page and get some genuine review from your friends and family. This will help you build trust. Create a niche facebook group in each of the popular cities or college areas to attract young people. Follow the top bloggers, news channels in Twitter. Tweet often and re-tweet anybody on Twitter who is talking about dating apps. You can use many of the bots to do this task. This will get you organic downloads and if any of the blogger picks up your app in her blog, then you can expect a sudden spike in the app downloads.

Next is instagram. Instagram is really powerful now days to attract young audience in the age group of 18 to 25. You should create an Instagram profile, put some nice bio and nice pictures as display pic. Then start following people who like Tinder, okcupid and all other popular apps. Every day put 2 posts tagging these accounts. These posts need not to look like promotional post about your app, but it can be general things. Like a nice cat picture or somebody singing to a tune. This will make people discover you and you will start getting followers real quick. Once you have enough followers now pick the influencers among them and ask them to promote your app on their wall. This will get you real app downloads very fast.

Remember all these social profiles you will build will help you in long run, even its not this dating app, some other things also can be promoted out of this.

So here is a roadmap for you to make your own dating app and with our Tinder clone script you can make it very fast.